Wiring, Lights, and Painting!

2-4: My weekend life consists of home improvement stores and eating but at least we see each other then. This weekend, Chris’s project is the slate floor in the laundry room.


2-4: Every time I find something for the house that I like Chris Montgomery tries to buy it as a Valentine’s Day gift. What a shyster but I absolutely love this chandelier!


3-11: Our current situation is door color decisions. The final choice is between Venetian Sky and Impressionist Ruby.

This week, the drywall installation began after the rewiring and plumbing work was finished last week. Once they finish the walls, the wood floors will be next. The new flooring has been run into the kitchen/hall/new closet. The flooring guy will sand + refinish the floors. Next, we will paint and then officially move in by the end of the month.