This Monty House: Facebook Marketplace Finds

As is becoming our custom, we spent a good deal of the weekend looking for things house related. I think we went to every home goods/craft store in Greenville (slight exaggeration).

Chris, the online shopper of the duo, found random guys on Facebook marketplace giving away free fire wood (hurricane silver lining) and selling various rustic wood type fare.

We picked up a good bit of logs to use for various projects. Free is always good. We found a guy located in Taylors Mill that takes down old mills and barns, etc. He and Chris talked board feet and such.

I think we found the wood for the outdoor space and later he messaged us about some shiplap that he located as well. He was super helpful and friendly.

Chris found another guy who has a yard full of giant wooden spools, old windows, and wooden pallets.We bought a spool and two window frames. We rolled the spool into the house but it was too big. We are thinking that it will be an outdoor plant stand for now.


On the fall decor front, I wanted real pumpkins but someone else wanted fake pumpkins so we could reuse them. I was planning to hand paint the real ones because I am not a fan of orange in general.

The compromise was an assortment of paper mache, metal, and plastic pumpkins from several different stores. I spraypainted the paper mache ones.


I went through several pumpkin configurations before I landed on one that I liked. Anyway, we still have to figure out exactly what is happening with the old window frames and giant spool.



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