Weekend Travels: Sylva, North Carolina

I am a planner by nature. I live by lists. Even on Saturdays, I make reverse lists (do something, write it down, cross it out) as I get things done around the house. I make Excel sheets for my vacation…wardrobe. To say that I like to plan is an understatement.

My husband is a planner as well but likes to drive. Like-3,000 mile road trips for two summers straight-likes to drive. One of his favorite pastimes is jumping in the Mustang for an aimless drive through a state…or two…or three.

After church on Easter, we decided to go for a ride. We couldn’t tell if it was a road we had been on before or not until we both realized that we had been in Dillsboro, North Carolina before and ate a barbecue joint on the edge of town.

Basically, we rode around for hours and Chris woke me up when he saw something interesting. That works for me. Here are a few pics from a historic spot in Sylva, North Carolina. Enjoy!




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