Every Day Eats in #yeahthatgreenville

I often receive private messages about food recommendations. Chris and I appreciate a restaurant like Hall’s Chophouse but that is more of an anniversary meal spot. When it comes to grabbing a quick bite to eat on a weeknight. Here are a few of our favorites.

Pizza Joint 

Tito’s: For a slice of cheesy NYC style pizza, try the Tito’s special and the antipasto.

Toss Pizza Pub: That meat lover’s pizza is one of the best! You can order it through Bite Squad if you don’t want to leave your house which is a plus.


Hamburger Spot

Grill Marks: Their burgers are the tastiest in Greenville. I love the Hawaiian Punch burger. Although they are ala carte, the fries (truffle fries or sweet potato) come with awesome dipping sauces. With two locations and consistently good sweet tea, how can you go wrong?


Mom and Pop Italian

Dellaventuras (Greer): I like the Chicken Marsala or Chicken Picatta but I haven’t had a bad meal there yet. Check the open times before you go because they aren’t open some days. The line can get long on a Friday night so don’t go without a snack.


(American) Chinese

Red Bowl: Good portion sizes and free fountain drinks on Sunday! That Asian steak, though. There is usually no wait and they are open late.



La Parilla: We are fajita lovers. When they ask you how you want your steak cooked, you know that you are in the right spot! I don’t usually care for bean dip but their dip is exceptional (a little heat but not too spicy).


Willy Tacos: We order their nachos appetizer as a meal. It is that good. The tacos are decent but those nachos are great. They are usually slammed so be prepared to wait.



Crepes du Jour: Savory or sweet-you can’t go wrong!

Chicken and Waffles

Tupelo Honey: The juiciest fried chicken combined with a giant sweet potato pancake is a winning combination. They keep changing their menu but this meal is always satisfying.


Salad Bar Deal

Roost: They have a great salad/soup/flatbread lunch deal. The indoor-outdoor-atrium seating options are nice as well.

Want more recommendations? Drop a message in the comments!













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