When in Doubt…Spray Paint!

July 1, 2017

Kirkland’s was having a summer clearance sale on mirrors. We found an oversized one that would work and took it home. Less than $40 for a giant mirror! The color was off…more bronze than the copper theme we are trying to weave throughout the house.


“Someone” (i.e. Chris) thought it would be fine but I couldn’t settle. We went out to Hobby Lobby and bought a can of Krylon for about $4. After a quick taping/spray job we waited until it was dry. After a few touch ups, it was ready to go! We really liked how it turned out. On to the next project…

July 23, 2017

We have been focusing on storage solutions lately- a tufted ottoman from Wayfair, a wardrobe from Hay Needle, and cubes for my small walk in closet from Home Depot.


I painted two of the closets. Good thing we saved the paint sample quarts from our first failed attempt at picking the right color! A quart took care of the hall closet and the guest room closet. The colors are in the same family as the colors we picked-SW Tradewind and Silver Strand-which worked out well and didn’t clash.


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