Flower Bar:Mother’s Day Edition

I love flowers. I love my Mom. Combining the two seemed like a great idea since she shares my love for flowers. Statice Floral decided to hold their second Open Market and Flower Bar at the L by Larkin’s on East Broad Street.


The first event was held in the mill by the main Larkin’s on Valentine’s Day. It looked like a great time on Instagram so I was determined not to miss this one.

Shoppers had two options: buy a pre-made arrangement or purchase stems/bunches of flowers. I decided to go with the latter option. When I see artsy things, I want to try to do it myself.

Chris (reluctantly) helped me meander through the selection of flowers and second guess my decisions of which blooms to include in my bouquet.


I wanted a colorful bouquet that screamed “Spring”. I liked ranunculus but wasn’t willing to pay $16 for a bunch.

After I gathered my flowers, I went to the designer bar to have them arranged and bundled. The designer said that I had done a good job arranging them myself and they should hire me to design bouquets. (Day made!)

They also had Meredith Piper cards for sale. It was definitely a learning experience for the owners but they were flexible since they were still working out details. I would definitely do this again. I wanted to go back the next day.

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