Weekends with the Montgomerys

After stormy weather forecasts, we decided to stick around town for Memorial Day weekend.

On (my) agenda was the following: 

  • Buy flowers
  • Find knobs for my vanity table
  • Get our print framed at Hobby Lobby
  • Switch out a plant on our shiplap wall garden
  • Cut the grass
  • Put the cast iron planting guides in the brick trough

Since Chris had to return some shoes to REI, we dropped by Whole Foods after because they usually have a beautiful flower selection. They had peonies in a variety of colors-fuschia to pale pink.

With their limited availability, I always miss my opportunity to buy some but this year I was determined get some. I decided to pair pale pink peonies with some fluffy white hydrangea. As per usual, I planned to gather filler greenery out the shrubs in our front yard.

Next, we went to Hobby Lobby to get a print of Liberty Bridge that we bought at Artisphere framed properly. I didn’t think that custom framing would be that pricey there but it was a little more than we expected.


The young guy at the counter was very helpful and up front about the associated costs. They had an almost overwhelming amount of options. We finally settled on a burnished copper frame and went to get an estimate.

The costs include: 

  • Frame (50% off every day)
  • Glass (3 options-museum glass looks the best and costs the most)


  • Backboard to hold it in place
  • Wire hanger (included in price)

We ended up paying more for the framing than the picture ($75) which may be why I have always bought framed pictures in the past. Chris was in sticker shock so we headed home after that.

After cutting the grass, Chris tackled changing the knobs on the vanity, repotting the plant, replacing mulch in the trough, and staking the cast iron planting guides in the ground.

He found a good deal on some cast iron stands on Facebook and had already prepped them last weekend. Next, we have to find some climbing vines to place at the base.

While he was doing all of that, I arranged my flowers and did a mini photo shoot with them. Check out the results below!


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