The Village of West Greenville

As the kids say the Village of West Greenville is popping. There are over a dozen new businesses on the main street. In between being called in to work one Saturday, Chris and I decided to check out the area to see what all the buzz was about.

Two of my favorite things are eating and taking pictures which works out well in that part of town. Great spots for photographs and plenty of new eateries!

We ate lunch at Golden Brown and Delicious. See our review under the Eating Our Way through Greenville section.

Next, we walked by The Anchorage. The New York Times recently wrote a review of this farm to table favorite. Their hours are mostly after 5 PM and they are closed a couple of days a week.

Our next stop was Van’s Chocolates. Chris is sucker for good fudge. The cases were stocked pretty well but the store felt a little bare. They have only been open for a month so I assume they will be furnishing the rest of the space soon. With free samples one might as well check it out!

We got two cups of fudge-peanut butter and apple pie. Chris prefers Kilwin’s fudge but the apple pie fudge sprinkled with cinnamon had good flavor.

We swung by the much touted Village Grind. It was as cool as advertised but crammed with people so we decided to take a rain check.

Next, there was an uber cute plant store. We are plant people. We have about fifteen plants in our tiny house at the moment. It was more of a succulent/cactus situation. They had some nice varieties but I’ll probably stick with Home Depot for succulents and Country Boys for house plants.

A new barber shop, a rocker chic clothing store, a lash bar and a few other spots rounded out the offerings. A new oven roasted pizza spot and a icecream shop are in the works.

With a little more parking, this area will be a great spot. It is nice to check out on a weekend. Of course, this is the kind of area that does well until the economy tanks but that’s just me thinking negatively. Greenville continues to amaze me! The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

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