Post Event Flower Challenge

My thoughtful husband brought me a centerpiece from a side job that he worked one weekend. He knows how much I LOVE flowers and saving himself money at the same time.

The centerpiece consisted of baby pink hydrangea, blood-red roses, deep garnet carnations, bright white baby’s breath and icy green eucalyptus. Bright red and pink always evoke Valentines Day vibes so I decided to rearrange it.

I was able to get multiple flower arrangements out of one centerpiece so you could say that things are getting serious (Napoleon Dynamite reference there).

Behold the results!

*Throwback Life Lesson: It is always good to have a plan for your decorations especially perishable items post event. I ordered 300 roses for my wedding centerpieces. Maybe I went a little overboard…I didn’t think about what my family would/should do with all of those arrangements after we left for the honeymoon. In the end, my mom and sisters took some to church the next day and gave the rest to friends and family who were able to enjoy them.

Flowers are usually appreciated (except for people with allergies). Make someone’s day brighter!

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