Roots: An Urban Gardener’s Oasis

Chris and I are very different people but we find that we can agree on plant purchases. We are on the hunt right now for plants + bushes to landscape the front yard. We have been to over a dozen plant nurseries in the Upstate to get ideas. While on that quest, we discovered Roots: An Urban Oasis.

It is a three sectioned store-main store with fresh stems, connected store with faux greenery and assembly station and an outside area with plants and small trees. Since Statice Floral has only done a few pop up shops this store will have to do when I want to try my hand at arranging flowers.

Usually, I go back and forth between Whole Foods or Fresh Market but if one wants more unique blooms (think dahlias and hairy balls (the Latin name is escapes me) this is a good place to check out. They also carry a wide array of beautiful medium size vases and pots, fragrant Trapp candles, and seasonal decor.

I should have bought more blooms but you can see how it turned out below. The pics below show $24 worth of blooms with a few wooden branches that I already had on hand thrown in for height. Enjoy!

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