Saturdays in the South: College Football Game Tips

My sister decided to surprise my brother-in-law, an Alabama football fan, with a getaway weekend trip to watch the Crimson Tide play. They have a “don’t-check-the-account-near-your-birthday” pact which is the only way to pull this kind of surprise off.

She asked Chris and I to drive down and we were happy to oblige. Neither one of us are true ‘Bama fans but we both enjoy sports. Plus, any true college football aficionado has to give Alabama their due. They are always at the top of the AP poll for a reason.


Tips for attending football games in September in the South: 

  • Buy tickets to a game between an average opponent before you drop serious cash on a divisional opponent or conference playoff game (You may find you like watching a game at home in the A/C more.)
  • Widen your search area for hotel accommodations (Hotel prices in Tuscaloosa were upwards of $300 a night for Super 8 rooms! I can get an ocean view in Waikiki for that!)
  • Buy a plastic tote to carry necessary items (Large purses are not allowed. Because active shooters these days…It’s the times we live in.)
  • Wear sunscreen if you burn easily (I’m Black so I was fine but my husband who is White insisted he didn’t need a ball cap and….)
  • Buy the parking pass (You will end walking a mile to the stadium even with it.)
  • Be prepared to spend serious money on hydration (i.e. water and Dippin Dots icecream so you don’t melt)


  • Get your halftime snack about halfway through the second quarter so you don’t miss the band at halftime (I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the marching band.)

Buy all the team gear and get ready to scream your head off! 

P.S. Don’t bring young children they will be miserable. They can’t really enjoy the experience and end up baking in the sun. It’s the equivalent of Disney World minus the rides, cool characters and attractions.

P.S. Sport really does break down barriers. Random people all over the state of Alabama greeted us with a hearty “Roll Tide.” Throw on a team shirt on game day and be ready for hundreds of instant friends!


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