Cornerstone Minerals: A Review

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I like rocks and gemstones. Always have. When I was younger, I collected them. Even as an adult, I would get little bags of rocks from the Smithsonian during Chris and I’s trips to the Museum of Natural History. #nerdstatus Basically, I like pretty things and rocks/minerals have always fascinated me.

I had a book that identified rocks and their origins and uses in ancient cultures that my parents gave me. Confession: I read the encyclopedia for fun. One day, it will come in use when I am on Jeopardy.

Anyway, downtown Greenville recently had a Cornerstone Minerals location open near Crepe du Jour. There has been a rock store downtown for awhile but it is more of the tumble stones variety. It is a great place to take kids if you want to spend money while they pan for gold.

Cornerstone is a more refined store for adults. The layout and presentation has a modern industrial feel.


For the house, we have tried to take a curated approach. Practically speaking, it is an intentional mindset and asking ourselves how items we want to buy fit into out overall asthetic. It keeps us from buying things we like but have no space to use.

Rocks are a nice way to add a pop of color without committing to it. Check out how we incorporated rocks around #ThisMontyHouse in future posts.

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