Arranging for Church Anniversary

As the daughter of a pastor, I try to make it back home for church anniversary every year if at all possible. It’s a family tradition. Now that I am back in the South, I can attend in person instead of just sending an altar arrangement.

Typically, the banquet theme is fall colors. I wanted to go with that idea but less orange and a little more muted palette. First, we went to Fresh Market for the filler and primary flowers.


I chose green/rust brown magnolia leaves, pale yellow/burgundy mums and creamy white hydrangeas.

Next, we went to Roots which had a much bigger inventory that in my previous visits. The outdoor space was bursting with color!


Their Petal Pickers section had some vibrant dahlias. I also selected some faux brown seed pods to anchor the arrangement and offset the soft pastels of the flowers.

After loading the blooms in a bucket full of water buckled in the back seat (#RealLife), we set off for for the hour trip to my parent’s town. I brought my own supplies which consisted of a pair of scissors, wet floral foam and a few vase options. The church has a few closets full of glass beads and various leftovers from other events that I planned to pull from in a pinch.


In hindsight, I probably should have had a clearer plan in my head but I had decided to work with whatever I found and make it work. Here are a few pics of the construction process.

I always hesitate to use hydrangeas because they are so temperamental. Two of three blooms shriveled overnight. It worked out okay because the arrangement was pretty full but I am this close to never using them again. A draft of air….a warm room…you just never know if they will make it overnight.

It all worked out in the end. Next time, I’ll have a sketch of the shape that I’m trying to create before I dive in. Flower arranging and Pandora and I am in my happy place.


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