Urban Petals: The Grand Opening

The world is getting smaller every day! Apparently, one of my college friend’s sister-in-law suggested I visit her cousin’s new flower and lifestyle boutique , Urban Petals, in Greer. Shopping and flowers are two of my favorite things as my longsuffering husband can attest.

After the recommendation, I followed the store on Instagram. Anna Stouffer’s, the owner and designer, work has been featured in major magazine’s like Martha Stewart Weddings. Martha knows quality when she sees it!

I convinced Chris to humor me on our way to drive through the North Carolina mountains. As their IG ad promised, there were refreshments for the grand opening. I’m on a diet so I took one bite of the blueberry scone and made Chris eat the rest.

The front half of the store featured the lifestyle boutique items and a chic Christmas tree vignette. The back half is the work space. The aesthetic reminds me of Joanna Gaines especially the potted plant station and rustic pots. We will definitely be back! (Don’t tell Chris!)

Check out the the Photo Gallery:


Refreshment Table 


Styled Display


Grab and Go Bouquets ($25)


Gift Boxes 



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