Grilling @ #ThisMontyHouse: Photo Gallery

Before we were married, Chris would talk about cooking. After we got married, I discovered that he meant grilling. After we figured that out, things made more sense. He found an in-the-box  grill on Facebook marketplace for $25. Since there are only two of us, a small grill works fine. My Dad makes legendary ribs so grilling is kind of a big ordeal on the other side of the family. It was an adjustment to only grill enough for two people instead of my entire extended family but we made it work.

Outdoor Space

This was one of our earlier projects. It looks great in the summer. Most of the plants come inside in the winter.

Black stripe Curtains: Target (online)

Votive holders: Pottery Barn


Preparation (Bugs are no joke!)


I drizzled honey on the pineapple before grilling it. One of my better ideas! Yum!

The Main Event 


Platter: Homegoods

Plates: Pottery Barn (end of season sale-less than $3 a plate)

In winter, we still grill but we take it inside. Little mess and food to eat for a few days = Winning!



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