A French Blue Christmas: 2018 Edition

I like to switch things up when it comes to holiday decor. Of course, the traditional ornaments are worked in along with past decorations but I like to challenge myself. This year, my inspiration came from a set of Wedgwood plates that I scored for $5 at a yard sale last year. 


After starting on my quest to create a French blue Christmas, I was quickly reminded of the wide variety of shades of blue. Seriously! There are so many. After searching through a few Joann’s (SC + IL) and the usual craft stores for table runner fabric, I settled on a rose gold and blue brocade. The perfect shade of French blue velour eluded me so I decided to go in a different direction entirely. 

I tried covering the entire table but that was a bit too much for “someone” so we changed it back to a table runner. He is a pretty good sport overall though. Marriage is about give and take as they say. 

Table Runner 

The goal was to use as much of my past ornaments as possible and supplement with a few new items. Like my mother, I save everything which comes in handy as long as you can remember where you put it. 

I decided to DIY some gold leafed covered glass ornaments. That experience is documented elsewhere on the blog. They turned out really nice and I am contemplating doing a few more. 

DIY: Glass Ornaments 

We felt a little pressured at the Christmas tree picking place. The helper was so nice and we kept rejecting every tree he showed us. We bit the bullet and got a less than perfect tree (like we had last year). Make it work as Tim Gunn says! A slender tree works better in a tiny house anyway. 

After salvaging some netting that I fortuitously saved from my Grandma’s 80th birthday decorations and bringing all the decorations in from the garage, we (mostly me) got to work. It took a couple of hours of hemming and hawing and rearranging but it is finished (for now). 

The Finished Product 

Check out the pics below! 

The #ThisMontyHouse Tree

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