Making It: Decorating Christmas Ornaments

Question: Why make ornaments when there are a bajillion in every store? 

Answer: Because it is fun and relaxing! 

As with most good ideas, I started on Pinterest. After settling on trying my hand at gold foiled ornaments and reading a few blogs, it was off to the store to buy the needed supplies. Generally, I get ideas from Pinterest/real life and then adjust for the desired effect. 


Glass ornaments

Clear adhesive 

Acrylic paint 

Sponge brushes

Gold leaf sheets or embellishments 

*I spent a little less than $20 for my total purchase. 

The Process 

Prepare the work space *I used an egg carton to place the freshly painted eggs in to drain the excess paint. 

Remove the ornament tops 

Squeeze paint into ornaments *Be sure shake them enough to fully cover the inside. Leave no spot behind! 

Set ornaments aside + upside down to dry *It takes several hours for them to finish draining. Apparently, I was a little overzealous with the paint. I had a ton drip out. #lessonlearned

Brush adhesive onto ornament and apply gold foil *If you use gold foil sheets you can be more creative with shapes. I would like to try using strips to create a pattern or making continent shapes. I used a Styrofoam cup with the bottom removed to prop the ornaments up during this part.  You can also spray a clear top coat of paint on top to seal the foil and keep it from flaking off.

Insert tops and hooks 

Decorate your house! *My ornaments obviously went on our Christmas tree but you could place them in a glass dish or container and place them on a table. 

The Finished Product 

Ta da! 

The #ThisMontyHouse Tree

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