When Life Gives You a Magnolia Branch…

After an over hyped but substantial (for the South) snowfall, I ventured out to document the event. Everyone makes fun of me for taking pictures of everything (that is until they need pictures for the family photo card or can’t remember what we did last year for an event). 

Anyway, I came across a magnolia branch that broke due to the sleet build up on the tree. I had seen a Christmas tree at work with sprigs of magnolia leaves strategically placed all over it. I liked the idea but didn’t want to take too many from our tree for a temporary decoration.

Magnolia Branch Down

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade and when a snowstorm  gives you a magnolia branch you add it to your decorations.

After dragging a few branches in the house, I let them dry off in the tub much to my husband’s surprise. (That is what happens when you sleep in). The early bird gets the branches.

I added a few sprigs to my fireplace decoration. I added the rest to the French blue Christmas tree. The rust brown underside coordinated nicely with the rest of the decor and added a little Southern charm. 


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