Sarabeths at Central Park: New York City


My original dream was to eat brunch at The Plaza. After a quick look at the $100+ menu, I decided that selling my firstborn wasn’t an option. Plus, I must have an unsophisticated palette. I have zero desire to dine on four different types of caviar for brunch. I want pancakes! The website, Eater, has great articles based on city and type of meal. Preferably, local recommendations are best source of information but a general survey of reviews helps me narrow down options.

Once my cousin, who lives in NYC, mentioned Sarabeths as a good option, we decided to check it out on our way out of the city.


The sidewalk cafe vibe seemed like a good idea so we opted to eat outside. If you sit in the wrong spot at the wrong time of day, you may be blinded by the sun and sitting in your chair might feel like dipping your toe in lava. Wait for good seating.

The inside seating was limited. Apparently, they are very popular so it was very tight inside. The two bathroom life is not the business.

The service and food were good. I really liked my pineapple and coconut waffles. The prices were astronomical. It is NYC so there’s that. I liked my entrée but the overpriced sides were a no go. You know how everyone has that price point in their head that you are unwilling to pay for certain items? I have that problem. 

The best pancakes I ever had were at Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen in Kailua, Hawaii! Yum!

Bottom Line: It was a good experience and I like the unique toppings on my waffles but this is not a place you go to get your money’s worth. It is definitely more of a city experience eatery.

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