Meet the Plants

I am slowly becoming a plant lady. This mostly due to my love of color and fear of commitment. Since our house has a very muted palette (Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray, Tradewind, and Silver Strand), I wanted to introduce color but didn’t want to overwhelm “someone” who is partial to gray and not much else.


We both like plants and my spotty track record with them means they may or may not live that long. We went with a variety of tropical plants for a nod to my Hawaii nostalgia. I lived there for five years after I graduated from college and loved the beautiful Koolau Mountains and vibrant flora. Here are some of the plants that have survived so far…

House Plants 

Courtyard Plants 

Box Plants


Around the Courtyard

IMG_4931IMG_4293IMG_3797IMG_5078IMG_4929IMG_3110 (1)

Wall Plants


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