Weekend Travels: Clayton + Dahlonega, Georgia

As with most of our weekend trips, this one started out with Chris asking if I wanted to go to (insert random spot). Chris likes to travel anywhere he hasn’t been yet and I like to take pictures of everything which works out well.


Clayton was a charming town. It was a typical small town USA with a picturesque main street lined with antique shops and a few trendy eateries. Wander was a cute, locally owned outdoor store with fragrant soap and candles.

After scoring at an after Christmas sale at one of the antique stores, we decided to get lunch at Fortify. With such a cool moniker, it seemed like a great place to try. The ambiance was nice. Chris tried the meatloaf and I opted for the roasted chicken. Everything was tasty. The meatloaf was glazed with a tangy barbecue sauce (think Sweet baby Rays). The chicken dish was excellent. I wasn’t overly fond of the side dish (some kind of rice dish that was a little too sweet for my taste). After an enjoyable meal, we headed towards Dahlonega.

Along the way, we stopped to check out a pottery store next to a waterfall that powered the mill located under it. Random but interesting. They also had artisans throwing pots on the upper level of the store for customers to watch.


We arrived in Dahlonega at dusk which was fine except that most of the shops closed at 6:00 p.m. The town square was literally square shaped. It was filled with boutiques, cute ice cream shops and an expansive general store filled with minerals and rocks (a nod to the city’s gold mining past).

All the Christmas lights and a giant tree were still up even though it was January. Horse drawn carriages crisscrossed the illuminated streets. After a quick Instagram video, we ended the day at a local eatery recommended by a girl at the general store.

Gustavo’s Pizzeria’s main selling point was plenty of flat screens which means we didn’t have to miss the NFL divisional playoff games. It was a great weekend!

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