Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Guacamole

Chris frequents this spot with co-workers so we decided to go together this weekend. It has a hole in the wall feel. We split steak fajitas, table side guacamole, and bean dip.

They used some kind of seasoning on the meat which was different but very tasty. The bean dip had a little heat but was good as well. There was a salsa bar which was good but would have been better if it had labels. My mystery salsa was good but it was like playing salsa roulette there for a minute.


Fast service 
Huge menu
Friendly wait staff
Fresh chips
Good bean dip (La Parilla is still #1!)
Meat seasoning
Excellent sweet tea
Great tableside guacamole (As good as Papas!)



Guacamole is similar to Corona’s. I don’t know that the portions are as big as Corona’s but it is a solid spot.

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