Buttermilk Sky Pie

I like to window shop through Roots on Augusta pretty much every weekend. Flowers make me happy. As I tell my husband, I could have worse habits. After visiting Roots as per usual, we decided to visit the shopping area across the street. I had heard of Buttermilk Sky Pie and saw the sign which prompted us to check it out.

The store layout was small. At first, I failed to see the menu. It was so simple it all fit on one board mounted on the wall. Basically, there are 4 inch pies, 9 inch pies, and pie + ice cream blended treats. The daily and seasonal flavors are posted as well.

The display case had a few of each type and that rounded out the offerings with the exception of gift boxing and a coffee side bar.

We decided to try two 4 inch pies-Key Lime and Peanut Butter. I tend to favor fruity options while Chris is more of a chocolate/peanut butter fan.


Simple ordering (This is the anti-Starbucks as far as options go.)

Quick pickup

Picture perfect presentation

Flavor perfection (We both agreed that the flavor profile hit the right note. Not too strong and not to bland. Just right. #goldilocks)



Final Thoughts

We want to try other flavors. For a church or family event, I’ll probably grab an Edwards pie from Walmart but for presentation or personal use I’d definitely pick up one of these treats.

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