Wannabe Plant Lady Chronicles Pt. 1

Sometimes you are convinced that you must have done a particular thing at some point in your life but then you are confronted with reality that you didn’t when you actually attempt said thing. I thought I had planted flowers before but apparently not.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always liked flowers-drawing them, taking pictures of them, buying them, etc. but apparently I’ve just bought them already grown.

With the exception of planting a bean once in science class to watch it germinate and that one time I bought a no-fail amaryllis bulb (which I planted in a vase and then it only grew leaves), I’ve never planted seeds in the actual ground.

Last weekend, the itch to plant bulbs hit me. Off we went to Home Depot to check out the garden center. After picking out a giant lavender foxglove plant for the lanai (Hawaiian for porch), I went in search of some bulbs.

I was leaning towards peonies because they are on my top five favorite flower list but I landed on gladiolus. The peonies came in sets of five but the gladiolus came in bags of 60. Sold! I’ve had a vision of our trough filled with flowers since we moved into our house and now (hopefully) it is going to happen.

Behold, the planting has commenced! Confession-I had to dig up a half dead azalea bush (it was so beautiful when we bought it last year but only a few branches came back) and move it elsewhere in the yard first. Now, we wait!

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