Roots: The $30 Challenge

Everyone has a set number (a.k.a the number that they don’t want to go over for a specific purchase ) in their head when they go shopping. When Chris and I entered Roots on Augusta, we were informed that they had a $10 off a purchase of $50 or more special. If I was arranging for an event that might have been enticing but this was a trip just for a fun. Basically, my husband felt bad that he was going on a three month work trip so he indulged my love for flowers. Well maybe it was just ten day trip but it seemed like a long time to be apart.

Anyway, I started working my way through the Flower Bar. Their flowers are locally sourced from Petal Pickers. I like to follow them on Instagram to see what they are bringing to the store each week. Check out my collage of the some of the stems available last week.

Petal Pickers Selection at Roots on Augusta

I didn’t really have a color scheme in mind. I just picked what I liked and tried to find complimentary blooms. With the Flower Bar, flowers are priced by the stem so I keep a running tally in my head as I peruse the section (almost) every weekend.

I decided to take a cue from the free form arrangement trend and do something a little more expressive. Snapdragons, tulips, poppies, hydrangea and ranunculus-oh my! I really liked the finished product. It kept me company for most of the time that my husband was out of town. After it started to wilt, I salvaged some stems and placed them in single bud vases in my kitchen window. Winning!

Obligatory Sink Photo

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