Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Top 3 Cold Treat Spots

A Sunday night snack was a longstanding childhood tradition. After church, we’d pile into our wood paneled Dodge Caravan (didn’t everyone have one of those at some point?) and head to McDonald’s for gigantic vanilla cones and salty fries. Traditions die hard so now Chris and I find ourselves looking forward to an after church treat each week. Our current favorite spots are below.

Creme Shack

Marble Slab and Coldstone Creamery may have popularized the hand mixed ice cream on a cold bar deal but Creme Shack’s unique mixing process is cool to watch. The result is cylindrical rolls of creamy goodness that are perfectly portioned. Ice cream and a show-what’s not to love!

The Nomadik Few

They have grown from a cart on Main Street near Grill Marks to several locations (Powdersville + Taylor’s). I met Sean (one of the founders) through my previous job as an event coordinator. He is great to work with and his ice grinding machine is top of the line. That may sound weird but as a former Hawaii resident I am very picky about my shave (Hawaiians call it shave ice versus shaved ice) ice.

They have a ton of flavors and combinations. It may be a little pricier than some shave ice but is totally worth it. I could go for some right now! Yum! Also, you can add the sour spray to a fruity shave ice for FREE. Imagine a shave ice version of a sour patch kid. It’s life changing… for your taste buds at least.

Whit’s Custard

This custard joint is relatively new and is located in Greer beside Lowes grocery store. With the exception of some blue and white decorations and a few pendant lights, it is pretty bare set up. Although our usual favorite custard spot is Abbott’s Custard, which is also located in Greer, I like better Whit’s better currently because of the amount of toppings and the reasonable price. Like Abbott’s they only have a few feature flavors at a time along with the standard vanilla and chocolate options. I had a Hawaiian themed one which was excellent! It’s also located next to our current favorite pizza place, Kustom Krust, which is an added bonus. We usually eat our pizza and then split a custard which is our idea of a good Friday night.

Comment below if you have tried any of these places and let me know if you had a good experience. Stay cool!

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