Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Kustom Krust (Greer, SC)

There are a lot of new eateries in Greer especially near the new Lowes Foods store. One Friday night, we decided to check out Kustom  Krust. We were not disappointed! Usually our favorite pizza places (in no particular order) are Tito‘s, Toss Pizza Pub and Sidewall.

Kustom Krust has a different set up-there is a bar area where you can watch the pizza being made right in front of your eyes in the glassed in kitchen by enthusiastic teens or regular table seating. On the menu front, there were a ton of options but we decided to go with the supreme/works pizza because that is our go-to-favorite.

We also ordered an appetizer of garlic knots (one of our better decisions). They make the garlic knots by hand. After they toast them to a perfect golden brown, they are drenched in garlic butter. When I say that they were some of the best, if not the best, garlic knots that we ever had, there is no exaggeration. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and covered in a generous dose of garlic butter. Yum!

The pizza came shortly after we polished off most of the garlic knots. I almost didn’t have space for the main event. A nice thing about the restaurant is that they have flat screens all around showing Internet video fails. It’s a good way to pass the time until the arrival of the pizza. It was excellent! Fresh was the main word that came to mind when biting into the toppings and the CHEESE was on point. We split the 16 inch pizza and had plenty of leftovers. This is one of our new favorite pizza joints. It is also located next to a custard store.  #Winning!


Flat screens all around

Plenty of seating

Best garlic knots ever

Dinner and a show

Excellent pizza


Wait time can be a little long depending on how busy they are but it is well worth it

Final Thoughts

Check it out one Friday night!

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