Wannabe Plant Lady Chronicles Pt. 2: The Big Reveal

I wrote about my Wannabe Plant Lady Chronicles back in May. You can see my original post here. The bulbs and seeds we got from Lowe’s said they were foolproof which was reassuring. Instructions on the packs were pretty straightforward-dig a hole, plant the burbs/spread the seed, water and wait 60 days.

It was fun to watch the bulbs in the beginning especially as the first little green sprouts poked their way through the soil. The wild flowers that I planted looked like weeds at first but ended up providing a riot of color. Chris was very skeptical. They have mostly turned out to be an electric orange display punctuated by a few bright lavenders, whites and reds.

We did have two oleander trees that we planted last year. One died as a result of snow earlier in the winter when a branch was torn off by the weight. It never fully recovered so it needed to be removed. The other tree we decided to keep and it came back to life crowned with a beautiful array of fuchsia flowers. I was also surprised to see that my hydrangea and hosta plant came back as well. I envisioned a courtyard trough full of color from the moment we moved here and now “voila”! Check out the pictures below.


The Process

The Progress

The Final Product

Voila! New gladiolus are blooming everyday!

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