A Few of My Favorite Things 2.0

When something is good (ex. Albanese gummy bears), you feel the need to tell everyone about it even if they don’t ask. Here is a non-exhaustive list of my current favorite things. Let me know if you have good suggestions of items to potentially include in future posts.

Eye Buy Direct Glasses

I like to change my look every now and then. After some friends tried out the Warby Parker glasses package deal, I looked into buying a pair of fashion lenses. It was either that or a new haircut and glasses seemed like a less permanent solution. After a quick Google search, I landed on eyebuydirect.com. The online shopping experience was a breeze. I was very happy with the look and quality. I have bought a regular pair and a blue light glare pair (shown below) and been pleased with both.

Monique Lhuillier x Pottery Barn Collection

I am an old lady trapped in a 30 something year old body. I like for my table to be set at all times. Maybe it is because I lived with an older lady in my DC days and that is what she did or because it is an opportunity to decorate? Our wedding china was an understated Mikasa set. I wasn’t really thinking about chargers until I saw the Monique Lhuillier collection on Pottery Barn’s website. Rose gold/blush/copper is the accent color at #ThisMontyHouse so her rose gold collection fit right in with everything else. I refused to pay $35 for a charger but while at the PB outlet in Gaffney I found three chargers for about $5 a piece. I wanted four but I decided to snag the three and hope that I would find another one later. Good news! A few more showed up later and our table was literally set.

Pottery Barn Faux Fur Trimmed Robes

Marriage helped me realize that we really our products of our backgrounds. Our families determine our standards and, in turn, our preferences for how things should be done. I am a “bathrobe” person because that is how I was raised which apparently wasn’t a thing with my husband. As a cold-natured person, I probably would favor a robe especially during the winter months anyway. While Pottery Barn is known for its housewares, the luxurious robes caught my attention during one of our frequent strolls through the store. My religion doesn’t allow me to spend $129 for a robe (joking sorta….) I kept an eye out for a sale but didn’t have any luck until I came across exactly one robe in the PB outlet store clearance bins in Gaffney, South Carolina. Under $20 because it was missing a sash? Yes, please! I don’t know why this robe makes me so happy but it is definitely one of my favorite purchases as of late.

4 Rooms Decor

So, the guys who own my favorite flower shop, Roots, also own 4 Rooms. They recently moved from their original location across the street from the flower shop and reopened a much smaller location further down Augusta Road. The “new” store has a much more focused home decor aesthetic. They had several pottery pieces that Chris and I both liked for #ThisMontyHouse. We bought the vase pictured below for the mantelpiece and I have my eye on another one for the inside our faux fireplace.

Coach Tote Bags

I am always partial to a good leather tote. Apparently, the old adage about becoming one’s mother really is true. My Mom has four of five tote bags with her at any given time. I haven’t reached that stage yet but I do like a tote rather than a handbag for work. My last tote’s handle started to fray so it was time to replace it. As my friends know, I favor kate spade bags usually but Coach had a great sale and the monogram tote was a fresh way to do a neutral bag that would compliment varying looks. It has been great so far-not overly heavy and suitable for work or the weekend.

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