Molly and Myles Ice Cream

The Story

Weekends are for trying out the latest additions to the #YeahThatGreenville food scene. After scrolling past multiple sponsored posts for Molly and Myles Icecream on my Facebook timeline, I became curious when I saw they were selected as one of the top ten icecream spots in America according to The Today Show. As wannabe foodies, I felt like we had to try a local place with that high of a distinction. Their location (beside Cherrydale Cinema) doesn’t stand out from the road which is why we had never seen it until we looked it up.

The Service

We went on a Saturday along with everyone else who saw the Facebook ad apparently. The line was decently long. Part of the problem is that the signage didn’t list the flavors. By the time they got to the front of the line, customers had narrowed down what type of treat they wanted but didn’t know what the flavor offerings were which slowed the line down. The poor parents in front of us were trying to hurry their kids along but the multitude of decisions (dipped waffle cones, mix-ins, plethora of flavors) led to delays. Clearer signage including the steps and listing the flavors at the beginning of the line would have been helpful. The teenage servers were moving as fast as they could under the circumstances. Having one more employee that stayed on the register might have given them a reprieve from having to constantly switch from scooping to taking payment.

The Main Event

I had Stawberry Cheesecake Iceecream in a Sprinkle Dipped Waffle Cone. I really liked all the unusual toppings in the dipped cone array. The iceceream was good-not life changing but a solid choice. Chris had a Cookie Dough Brownie Icecream. We ended up paying around $14. It’s a good thing we didn’t get drinks (insert shocked face emoji). My cone ended up dripping all over the place so next time I would get a cup to stick it in at the outset.

Molly and Myles definitely caters to a younger demographic with its Avengers covered walls, bright primary colors, nontraditional decor (toilet seats with emerging characters, fidget spinners, Pez dispensers, etc.), and abundance of toys and board games.

Pros and Cons

The pros include….

Fun Atmosphere

Tons of Dipped Waffle Cone Options


The cons include…

The Price

The Signage

YTC Takeaways

We still prefer Coldstone Creamery or Creme Shack but it was fun to try a new place. If my nieces or nephews came in town, we would probably take them to Molly and Myles because they would be blown away by the decor. On to the next spot…

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