Universal Joint

The Story

Chris and I have wanted to try Universal Joint for a while. I’d heard really good things about their burgers from several friends. We went on a weekday evening and it was fairly empty. The main problem with the restaurant is the lack of parking in the back. We had tried to go before but could not find a parking place.  Also, you have to walk up a steep hill to get to the restaurant. It’s not the end of the world but keep that in mind when/if you go.

The Service

 The inside of the restaurant has a relaxed vibe with one area that has seating and one that is more a bar type area. The walls are adorned with American Picker type memorabilia and a few large flat screens where ESPN is playing which is a plus for a sports junkie like me. Chris ordered the Fish and Chips dish which was haddock. I ordered the Smokehouse Burger. Our food came fairly fast which is to be expected when business is slow.

The Main Event

Chris thoroughly enjoyed his fried fish and onion rings but might have liked a bigger portion. The Tartar sauce was good. The fried fish wasn’t greasy at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger. The toppings were excellent and the burger was cooked to a perfect medium temperature. I might add this burger to one of my favorites in Greenville. Of course, my favorite burger is the Hawaiian Punch Burger at Grill Marks. The fries were good as well. The onion rings were decent (there weren’t that many of them) but the ones I stole off of Chris’s plate were good. I may have been a little biased because we had just tried the onion rings at  a restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee, and those were some of the best I have ever had. The sweet tea met my exacting standards. My family is serious about our sweet tea. My aunt swears she can tell if sweet tea is right just by looking at it. (Yes, it’s that serious.)

Pros and Cons

The pros include….

Delicious food

Close to our house

Flat screens

Good sweet tea

The cons include…

Limited parking

YTC Takeaways

 We would definitely like to go again and try more things on their menu the only drawback is the parking. One of the main selling points is that it is really close to our house so we may check it out again on our way downtown some evening. it is more of a lunch spot with pub fare in our opinion but that is not a bad thing. Yum! On to the next adventure!

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