Green Tops

The Story

A Facebook friend recommended Green Tops as a new spot to try. They raved about the freshness of the food and I added it to our list. One Thursday we decided to give it a try. Green Tops is located where the old Bikas Drive-In was formerly located for many years. 

The Service

 It had obviously recently opened and the owner was training the employees as they were ringing customers up. Customers order before they seat themselves so know what you want before you go. The prices were a little high for that type of restaurant.

The Main Event

 I ordered the sweet tea as is my usual. That was a mistake. It had a weird taste to it. I tried to keep drinking it but had to give up. When I asked to switch to soda I was told that the taste of the tea grew on people. It didn’t grow on me.

 Chris ordered the Hawaiian Steak with vegetables. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries. The food came fairly quickly. My grilled chicken sandwich lived up to the hype the garlic aioli was the perfect compliment to the juicy grilled chicken and applewood bacon. The sweet potato fries were also on point. Chris’s steak did have the promised Hawaiian flavor but he was not really a fan. As a Midwestern guy his standard for steak is very high. I say that he should have known that a $13 steak would not meet his exacting standards.  His vegetable side was very tasty though. 

Pros and Cons

The pros include…

General freshness of entrees

The cons include…

“Unusual’ sweet tea

YTC Takeaways

The servers were quick and very attentive.  The spruced-up dining area was homey and comfortable with plenty of natural light (always a selling point on HGTV). Some of the salads that went by our table looks very good. I really liked my chicken sandwich and would order it again. Chris says he sees no need to go back but you never know. On to the next food adventure….

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