Husk: Greenville

The Story

When the place has a single word as the name, you know the experience is going to be interesting and expensive. We’d passed Husk many times in our walks downtown #yeahTHATgreenville but knew we needed to make reservations. One Friday, we called in route and had no trouble getting reservations. We went right at 5 p.m. It was a ghost town when we got there which was fine with us. The menu changes daily so it is a good idea to check it out online to make sure that they are going to have something that you want to eat on a given day.

The Service

The service was top notch. Our very attentive had the menu memorized and made good recommendations. We decided to order the Skillet Appalachian Sourdough Corn Bread appetizer. Sesame seed rolls came with the order. I love carbs so getting both was fine. The cast iron skillet cornbread was cooked to perfection. The sweet tea was perfect. Y’all know how I feel about my tea!

The Main Event

Chris had a steak with Fingerling Potatoes, Embered Mushrooms and Roasted Summer Peppers. I had the Providence Farm Pork Chop with Buttermilk Cheddar Spaetzle, Cabbage Slaw and Mustard Barbecue. We both enjoyed our meals. I ordered a side of succotash which was amazing. The vegetables were fresh and flavorful. I probably could have just eaten a giant bowl of that. The pork chop had a perfect char and accompaniments.

Pros and Cons

Everything was excellent. The price was the only con but that was a given with the quality of the menu and the overall dining experience. The vibe is casual upscale.

YTC Takeaways

It’s not an every day spot but a solid choice for a special occasion or a date night excursion.

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