Eating Our Way Through Greenville: Gather GVL

The Story

I have been looking forward to the opening of Gather GVL, an outdoor food court area comprised of restaurants housed in brightly colored, retired, metal shipping containers, located on the edge of downtown Greenville, South Carolina. My main interest was in trying The Pasta Addict but unfortunately they are currently only serving dinner and we were there at lunch time.

After perusing the options and checking out the Magnolia Silo’s like AstroTurf lawn area, we decided to try different spots. Chris went with Mike’s Steaks + Roast Pork. I settled on Hendough Chicken + Donuts. Hendough shares a window with KO Burger which took me a second to figure out but the line moved quickly.

The Service

There really isn’t any service since it is more of a food court/self-serve type situation. As a cold natured person, I appreciated the outdoor heating units and rock filled fire pit.

The Main Event

Chris had a tasty Philly Cheese Steak with River Fries. I opted for a Maple Chicken Sandwich with Fries and KO Sauce. The Philly sandwich was better than a true Philly to me because the meat was finely chopped and had generous helpings of green bell peppers in it. My sandwich could have had less maple sauce but had four pieces of bacon. The fried chicken was lightly battered. It was comparable to fish and chips like crustiness. The dipping sauce (a milder version of Zax sauce) was the perfect compliment to the crispy fries. As always, the true test is the sweet tea which was perfect.

Pros and Cons

This was a great spot for a quick lunch. There picnic tables are covered so it is still accessible on inclement weather days. The range of options would be a bonus with a group because everyone could get what they wanted and then reconvene in the common areas. Next time, I want to try the pasta restaurant and one of the dessert vendors. It is also kid friendly with the turf and play area.

YTC Takeaways

We will definitely go back with family and friends. This is a great addition to the West End. I hope that it survives the coronavirus drama.

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