Rick Erwin’s Level 10

The Story

It was a cold and rainy night…just kidding. It was a beautiful and balmy southern afternoon when we went out to celebrate my birthday in August. I tried to guess where we were going but definitely wasn’t thinking about going to Spartanburg, SC. It is actually starting to a be really cool little town. Chris made reservations at Level 10 (yes, it is on the tenth floor of a hotel). It gave me a good excuse to wear my new blue striped sundress that I bought for our canceled European trip. Winning!

The Service

The layout was what one would expect from an upscale restaurant. Patio dining was available but we had a table located further into the restaurant to avoid the blinding setting sun. There was a nice inside/outside vibe since all of an entire behind the bar wall opened out onto the deck.

The service was fine. The rosemary bread was excellent! The perfect crusty outside and steaming pillowy inside paired with oil for dipping. The server gave Chris the wrong steak so they gave us a Chilled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce. That more than made up for the mixup.

The Main Event

Level 10 is an a la carte type affair. The sides were pretty substantial so there was a good bit of food to take home. We aren’t one of those cool couples who are above leftovers. Well, maybe Chris is but I’ll happily take filet mignon to work.

I had the Surf and Turf with Asparagus. Chris (eventually) had a Ribeye. We had family sized portions of the Four Cheese Mac and Cheese and Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Apparently, we like cheese.

Surf and Turf
The Ribeye

Pros and Cons

The only con was the price. It was pretty typical for an Rick Erwin establishment. You may have to trade your firstborn child but it’s worth it. I’m only half kidding. The views at sunset were beautiful. You don’t even feel like you are in the South. There was more of an urban, big city vibe.

YTC Takeaways

This is a great anniversary or birthday spot!

Happy Birthday to Me!
View from the Top

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