Restaurant 17 at Hotel Domestique

The Story

I discovered this spot after following the Urban Petals (Greer, SC) Instagram account. Anna Stouffer, the lifestyle boutique owner and floral designer, has provided floral installations and arrangements for upscale weddings at Hotel Domestique. After seeing multiple weddings she designed at the hotel, I discovered it was located in nearby Travelers Rest. It looked like someone took an Italian villa and dropped it in the South Carolina countryside.

It’s owned by Tour de France cyclist and domestique, George Hincapie. You can read the story here.

Rooted in the French term for “servant,” domestique is the name given to cyclists like George Hincapie who serve their team and work tirelessly to propel it forward. It is fitting, then, that Hincapie’s modern, European-inspired hotel bears that name. Fitting, too, that the hotel’s hospitality lives up to that high standard of service. Our entire team is committed to delivering personal, passionate service.

From the Hotel Domestique website

After checking out the hotel prices (insert cost of first born child), I opted to drop strong hints that I’d like to try the restaurant out instead. The hotel has some amazing amenities (think a fleet of BMW’s and luxury cycling equipment) but the prices are what you pay for an ocean view room in Waikiki.

Thankfully, my husband picked up on my hints and secured reservations at Restaurant 17 for our sixth anniversary. He decided to tell me en route that the dress code was smart casual. Thankfully, I brought a few extra options for our Gatlinburg trip. “Smart casual” is definitely my speed.

The Service

The service was top notch except for the fact that drink refills of your primary beverage were sparse. The server kept our water glasses filled though. The menu was a curated affair. It changes based on the local fare available.

The design aesthetic is very minimalist modern. The dining room view of the foothills is out of a magazine. We both could have sat on the same side of the table to enjoy it.

The bread and oil came before the meal. It was decent but not memorable.

The Main Event

Chris opted for the Carolina Beef (Butterscotch Squash + Sweet Potato, 8-Ball Zucchini, Forest Mushroom, Rosemary Salsa Verde) I had the Heritage Breed Pork Chop (Freekah, Summer Squash, Bradford Okra, Peach Tamari). Both were excellent choices! Chris, the steak aficionado, liked his off the bone ribeye cut. I really liked the pork chop and accompaniments. The sauteed okra and squash were on point.

We decided to try a dessert so we went with the Lemon Ice Box Cake (Blueberry Compote, Mint Crumble, Vanilla Bean Whip). The presentation was A+. The flower petals could have been edible but we decided to be safe and not find out.

The portion size was good for sharing and a nice ending to the meal.

Pros and Cons

We loved the setting and the view. It’s second to none in the Greenville area. Jianna or Passerelle’s Bistro may be close given their centrality and views of Falls Park and Liberty Bridge. The entrees were excellent! When it’s not 100% humidity (i.e. the fall), we’ll definitely go back. The courtyard and pool are worth checking out. We liked it better than Hall’s Chophouse (which had impeccable service but was too loud).

The only con’s are the price but all things considered it was decent compared to other lux casual establishments in the area like Select or Strip Club 104 in Greer.

YTC Takeaways

This is great spot for an anniversary or birthday meal. Since we didn’t get to go on our European trip (Greece, Italy and Switzerland), this was nice way to feel like we were there without leaving the state. A meal there is an experience.

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