Myles Pizza Pub

The Story

This new to Greenville but four decades old pizzeria was highly recommended by my brother. It was covered a few times in The Greenville News so we added it to our list of eateries to check out. It’s located next to Eastlan Baptist Church (now Eastlan Newspring) near Greenville Tech. Although the space appeared to be a new build, they incorporated light fixtures from the original eatery which was a nice touch.

The Service

It was a order at the entrance type of joint. Everything was made fresh so this is not the place to come to if you are in a hurry. We opted for the Cheese Bread appetizer. Basically, it was half a loaf of bread cut into thick slices and slathered with cheese. It was filling. It reminded me of cheese bread that my Mom made when I was a kid. Their marinara was excellent!

The Main Event

Myles Pizza Pub pizza is hard to explain. It’s not as sweet or deep-dish as Chicago-style pizza. It’s not thin crust or foldable like New York-style pizza. It doesn’t have a thin crust like Neapolitan-style pizza. It is unique.

The crust is both chewy and crispy on the bottom, which ensures it can hold up to the immense amount of toppings and cheese piled on top (the 16-inch Food Lovers pie clocks in at 10 pounds). Chip Myles has a special technique. He first bakes the pizza on a screen and then removes the screen at the very end of the baking process to crisp the crust a bit just before pulling it from the oven.

Lilia Callum Penso (The Greenville News)

We had the Food Lover’s Pizza and it was amazing. One slice was almost too much for me because there was so much cheese and toppings but I kept eating it because it was so good. This might be my new favorite pizza place in #YeahThatGreenville. Chris still prefers Tito’s or Kustom Krust. Kustom Krust definitely has the best Garlic Knots.

Pros and Cons

The only con is the wait time. Everything else is great!

YTC Takeaways

I’ll add this to my list of solid recommendations. On to the next food adventure…

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