Todaro’s Pizza

My husband and some of his work buddies occasional frequent this hipster pizzeria joint for lunch so I wanted to check it out. It’s located off of Main Street in downtown #YeahThatGreenville near Urban Wren. It has a nice astroturf area to hang out and play cornhole while you wait on your pizza to cook in the brick oven. There is a spacious inside dining area as well. They have good 1 – 2 slices of pizza and drink combo deals.

Ordering is done at the counter and drinks are self-serve. The pizzas are made to order but the wait isn’t abnormally long. They have a few screens tuned to ESPN which is nice.

I ordered a BBQ Hawaiian Pizza and added red onions. It had a Neapolitan style crust. It was very flavorful and I had plenty leftover for lunch the next day. The sweet tea was nothing to write home about so I switched to Dr. Pepper.

Todaro’s is a nice place to go with friends on a Sunday evening. Everyone can order their own meal separately and avoid the awkward and painful splitting of the check ordeal. Plus, you can play cornhole while you wait. Decent prices and friendly service! Check them out.

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