Weekend Travels: White House Christmas Tour 2020

I’ve always had a fondness for Washington, D.C. ever since I lived there from 2010 – 2014. With history, shopping and a great culinary scene, what’s not to love? It’s a transient place but I still have a few friends in the area. When one of my friends told me she had tickets to the White House Christmas Tour, I started searching for airline tickets. Round trip, nonstop flights under $200? Yes, please!

I was nervous about flying during the COVID-19 era but, with the exception of the full time mask wearing requirements, things were mostly the same. The flight attendant now gives you the whole drink and a cup with no ice. I’m not mad at it.

Downtown DC is a ghost town these days. I expected to see tumbleweed rolling by at any second. Of course, the aggressive panhandlers are still present and apparently now they can just set up tents on the sidewalk.

The Willard Intercontinental Hotel

After sailing through the layers of Secret Service security, we were in the residence. Enjoy the pics below!

I wanted to get a least one picture in the main doorway at the exit (i.e. the money shot) but the photo attendant worker said that was a no go. I understand but since we were all wearing masked and no one is close to you when you are at the photo spot then….Oh well, that’s the story of 2020. It doesn’t make sense but you try not to be a pain to the poor person just trying to do their job.

It was a great experience as always. I went twice during President Obama’s tenure (the Spring Garden Tour and the Christmas Tour). It is interesting to see the difference in decorating styles from one First Lady to the next. I will say I think the First Lady didn’t do her signature striking design in the hallway this year. Maybe she was tired of the universal mocking by the mainstream media? Who knows but the “America the Beautiful” theme was flawlessly executed!

2020 Official White House Ornament

I love decorating and tradition so this tour combined several of my favorite things. I even got some ideas for my Christmas decor for 2021.

After the tour, we took the perfunctory walk over to the White House Gift Shop and bought a few gifts for family and friends. We capped off the visit with a delicious meal at Old Ebbitt Grill. It was fairly empty as well but the Duroc Pork Chop was on point. Another successful DC visit is in the books!

We didn’t even coordinate these colors!

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