Husk: BBQ

The Story

It was a rainy, cold New Year’s Day and the family was out of town. Obviously, I wasn’t cooking anything (holiday = break) so Chris suggested we check out Husk: Smokin BBQ. It was previously a regular Husk eatery based off of the original Husk venture in Charleston, South Carolina.

We’ve had great experiences at both Husk restaurants we tried in the past. The Greenville News had a piece about the rebrand and reopening of the downtown location as a barbecue joint. Since Chris considers himself a barbecue connoisseur and the price point is now lower in light of the new fare, we set off to find out how the new concept was working out.

The Enclosed Kitchen

The Main Event

Let’s get right to the rundown. The exposed brick aesthetic remains the same except for the kitchen now being closed off with a painted mural.

The sweet tea was “meh.” We went with the Deviled Eggs appetizer. The others were priced more like an entree which didn’t appeal to me. The eggs were okay but more mustardy and less flavorful than I was expecting. I wouldn’t order them again. My standard for deviled eggs is some I had once at the Lincoln in Washington, D.C. Mmmm!

I opted for the Beef Brisket plate with Cheddar Grits and Collard Greens for the sides. The brisket was fine. It could have used additional seasoning and more of a grilled flavor. It was good but underwhelming. The cheddar grits were on point! They were baked in a cast iron skillet and covered in a layer of stringy cheddar cheese. It was the ultimate comfort dish. I probably could have just ate that by itself. The collard greens were more of the sweet than the savory/buttery variety. They were highly seasoned. I enjoyed them because they remind me of some of my aunt’s greens. They may not be everybody’s cup of tea though.

Chris had Spare Ribs with Baked Beans and Potato Salad. The rub was good…..and that’s about it. The ribs at SBH BBQ Co. are the standard. The smokiness was lacking. They were decent with the sauce. Imagine a can of beanie weenies and you pretty much have the experience of eating the baked beans. They were just flat. A can of Bush’s would have been far superior. Salt. Pepper. Anything would have helped. Once again, the beans at SBH BBQ are some of the best I’ve ever had and these were not in the same class at all. Finally, the potato salad was more of a buttoned up, dill laden affair.

They had a variety of sauce options but we both played it safe with the Sweet and Tangy Red Sauce which was very tasty.

The cast iron skillet cornbread was still a hit.

The YTC Takeaway

We loved Husk before the rebrand. The succotash was to die for but there are a plethora of BBQ options in Greenville. The other spots are much less expensive, have bigger portions and generally have better flavors. I hope they make it because there is a relaxed, neighborhood vibe but SBH is still number one.

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  1. Todd Smith says:

    My name is Todd Smith and I am the Pit Master and owner of SBH BBQ and for some reason I just now saw the article you had written about us and I wanted to thank you and extend my personal invitation to you and your Husband as my guest for our newly developed Sunday Brunch. We live to have food writers come in when we develop something new for their opinion. Also I wanted to let you know that we win the 2020 World Championship in Kansas City a few months back. I fell your review was spot on and I hope we see you again soon. If & when you decide to make it in on a Sunday please be sure to let me know so I can be available to speak with you. Again Thanks for the kind words and look forward to meeting you.
    Todd Smith


    1. SBH is our favorite area BBQ. Congrats on the win! We will ask for you when we come back again. Thanks for the reply.


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