Rodney Scott’s BBQ (Charleston, SC)

After a day of touring Charleston and walking way too much and taking way too many pictures, we decided to swing by Rodney Scott’s on the way out of town.

The setting was newish with a white subway tile lined, brightly lit interior punctuated by a silver, disco ball in the center. A promising smoky BBQ smell envelopes you as soon as you walk in the door.

We were there on a Saturday night and they had a steady stream of takeout and eat in orders which is usually a good sign.

The Main Event

The first swig of Sweet Tea may have given me diabetes but it was good. I might add a little water to take the sugar down a notch next time. It was super sweet but very good.

We split the the Three Meat Plate (Chicken, Ribs and Pork) with sides of Fries, Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans. We had been eating all day so we felt like this was the best way to sample their offerings.

The rub on the ribs was a little on the spicy side but were perfection with Rodney’s sauce. The ribs were solid-very tender and good smokiness. Both the chicken and the pork were great. Once again the grilled flavor shown through and combined with the sauce and the slice of white bread made a great sandwich. It was also surprisingly not dried out as happens commonly with shredded meat. It was the closest I’ve had to my Dad’s grilled selections and if you’ve had then you already know how serious I am about my Dad’s grilling.

The sides were heavily seasoned. For the fries, think Zaxby’s with even more seasoning salt. The baked beans were on point. They were sweet but had a little green bell pepper and meat as well. Very tasty! The mac and cheese was more of the baked (i.e. Black people’s) type. I would have went a little easy on the pepper but they were a solid pick.

YTC Takeaway

Since Chris is a self proclaimed barbecue aficionado, he has strong feelings about BBQ generally. We both approved of this spot. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be “flavortown.” We are adding this spot to the list of places we would recommend to people.

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