Clare’s Creamery

As we were taking our usual shortcut through #YeahThatGreenville, I saw this cute frozen treat spot among the trendy storefronts next to Fork and Plough. I mentally added it to our list of new places to try. The exterior looked promising. I confess I’m all about aesthetics…and good eats.

I assumed it would be like the famous Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams which I haven’t tried yet because I’m not quite ready to pay $12 for a pint of ice cream. It’s not quite against my religion but it’s in that territory.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Chris suggested we check it out. I loved, loved, loved the decor! It was the black and white of the Magnolia brand meets a cotton candy palette punctuated by hot pink utensils. Think minimalist and clean.

They had a decent amount of flavors available every day, a few specialties/seasonal options, and a handful of treats like Banana Splits and Root Beer Floats. They had plenty of workers which was nice so there was virtually no wait and they allowed you to get samples. Winning! (I hesitate to spend money when I can’t try the product.)

The Honey Vanilla Ice Cream sounded promising so we both sampled that one. It tasted exactly like I imagined it would and was surprisingly good. I don’t know that I’ve encountered that combo before but I’m here for it.

Chris went with his usual, Cookie Dough. I opted for a Banana Split so I could sample the basic flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry). None of their flavors were basic though. I can never finish them but one must sacrifice to write a review.

I was searching my Banana Split for the banana since that is usually visible in a traditional banana split. They had cut it into pieces which was smart. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do that.

There was inside seating, wooden picnic tables outside, and free lemon-infused water. You could leave a (nice) message in the guest book by the water dispenser.

Every flavor was so good! They are known for handcrafted, small-batch production. Whether or not that helps, I don’t know but the resulting creamy deliciousness is well worth a return visit. It was $12 a pint but the single and double scoop prices weren’t astronomical.

Chris just ate his ice cream and tolerated my copious picture taking. I trust his ice cream takes because he can eat an entire gallon of Blue Bell in one sitting. He enjoyed the Cookie Dough immensely.

We highly recommend Clare’s Creamery. For kids, Molly and Myles Ice Cream is the place to go. For adults with refined taste and a penchant for Instagram, this is your new go to spot.

Clare’s Story

It’s the bordeaux cherry on top for me!

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