The Smith House (Dahlonega, GA)

The Smith House, located in the quaint Appalachian town of Dahlonega, Georgia, has had its doors opened to  visitors since 1899.  One things for sure, there’s no shortage of Southern Hospitality around here.  Come sit back  and enjoy our home-cooked country cooking in the family-style dining area and you’ll see what we’re talking  about.  Or come kick back for a weekend in one of our comfortable yet luxurious rooms and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Dahlonega.  Take a hike.  Ride a bike.  Take a vineyard tour.  Shop around in the unique shops of our quaint town, which is located just one block from our doorstep.  Come see what our little town has to offer.  We’re sure you’ll have a great time!


The Story

On one of our weekend trips, we decided to check out Dahlonega, Georgia, again. We went once during the holidays last year and enjoyed the small town charm. This go round, we ended up watching a glass artisan in a small shop and decided to have some personalized nameplates made for our nieces and nephew for Christmas. In the meantime, we wandered over to the Smith House down the street while we waited for the items to be finished. 

The Setting 

When you enter, you pay on the first floor at the register and then descend down a flight of stairs into a hallway that ends in the main dining room. There are a few historical artifacts and vignettes throughout the area. Check out the very cool silver cash register! 

It was the kind of place where you pay a flat fee ($17 for adults and between $3 – $10 for children) and then numerous items are brought to you all at once. So, basically, it’s my grandma’s house minus the payment part. Those old school Southern cooks make all the things! I’m not mad at it, either. Since we do like to try as many items as possible, this was a perfect scenario. It reminded us of The Dillard House in Georgia without the view. 

The service was fine. All of the items tasted good. I don’t know that anything particularly stood out but it had a Cracker Barrel level of quality. It was a filling meal and there was plenty of food left over. At the end, you have a choice of dessert and we opted for strawberry shortcake. 

YTC Takeaway

Dahlonega isn’t a huge town so there aren’t that many options for food. The Smith House combined nostalgia with a country cooking vibe. We would definitely go back in the future but we’d definitely have to bring our appetites in order to get our money’s worth.

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