Home Team BBQ

Y’all know how we are about our barbecue. Chris lived in Kansas City for a few years. We traveled all over Texas just to eat barbecue one summer vacation. Try Lockhart’s in Dallas. Anyway, our favorite local place is SBH BBQ. Of course, Henry’s is a respectable option. There are a few hipster BBQ places where it is more about aesthetics and alcohol than the meat. Chris didn’t have high hopes for Home Team but after going by a few times and seeing a long line we finally decided to give it a try one day when we felt we’d beat the rush.

The interior is large and the bar is very long. We were able to get seated right away. As it most places now, staffing did seem to be a struggle but they did the best they could under the circumstances. Once we got a server, we were good to go.

Our general consensus is that Chris’s initial take was right. The sides were decent but the meat didn’t have a strong barbecue flavor. We like our BBQ to have a smokier flavor and more of a char on the outside. Additional seasonings may have helped as well.

Chris got a rib platter and I had the pulled pork sandwich. The star of the show was actually my pulled pork sandwich which was surprising. Pulled pork is typically dry and the sauce saves the sandwich. Home Team got smart and used the Chick-fil-A method of buttering and toasting the bun which made all the difference in the world. The pulled pork was also very moist. (I know people hate that word but that’s how it was.) I don’t ever recall having pulled pork that was that succulent though. The combination of the buttered bun with the tender meat and the handcrafted sauces was amazing. I would go back and just get the pulled pork sandwich.

The fries were fine. Envision a Zaxbyesque level of seasoning. The ribs were disappointing. They looked great but weren’t falling off the bone and didn’t have a strong flavor. The sweet tea was nothing to write home about. We did try the appetizer of chips and dip which was fine but not memorable. One day, I’ll learn my lesson and stop ordering hash and rice. None will ever top the late Mrs. Hattie’s, a former church member, hash and rice. I don’t know why I bother.

We probably wouldn’t go back but Chris did want to try the burnt ends to see how they were so we may get those at some point. Home Team is nice for a big group but it seemed to be more about the vibe and a crowd than about the meat. There were tons of people there though so it does seem to be a popular spot.

YTC Takeaway

This is a spot with a spacious interior with a long wait where the BBQ is not the star.

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