Fall in the Courtyard: 2021 Edition

The days are getting shorter and my to-do list is getting longer but it’s okay because fall is finally here. After living in Hawaii (which was great), I appreciate experiencing all four seasons.

We are currently on the tail end of September so my flower bed is still going strong. I went back and forth about autumnal decorations for outside this year. Who was I kidding? A visit to Greenville State Farmer’s Market on Rutherford Road convinced me to go all in for fall. They had some of the lowest prices around for decorative pumpkins and gourds. Most of the produce was imperfect. Publix with its curated selections of unblemished fruits and vegetables this was not but they had the color palette I’d envisioned in my head.

I’m a little bit extra so traditional colors like red, orange and yellow are a bit on the nose for me. You can see my cart below.

Greenville State Farmer’s Market Haul

My favorite part of decorating is when I have a table full of odds and ends, no time constraints and free reign to create. After arranging the base (i.e. the produce), I went foraging through the yard, my flower bed and a spent arrangement from the week before to fill in the softer, floral elements. English ivy from my front planters, bright orange flowers from the flower bed, wandering Jew vines from a forgotten Mason jar and various weeds were tucked into slender, glass cylinders I found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore a few years ago for 50 cents apiece.

You can see how it turned out in the photos below. Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank. I probably should invite someone over to enjoy all this decorating but until then I’ll just be over here planning my Christmas decor.

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