Merridee’s Breadbasket (Franklin, TN)

After strolling through downtown Franklin, Tennessee, we made our way to Merridee’s. It was on all the lists for the top breakfast places and has been featured in Southern Living. Thankfully, we went at a good time and the line wasn’t too long.

The Setting

It had a warm, Grandma’s house vibe. Tons of brown wicker baskets hung from the wooden ceiling and vintage family photos lined the walls. The creaky wooden floors were bathed in the soft golden glow from the light fixtures and punctuated by the natural light coming in from the windows. The smell of freshly baked bread filled the air.

Upon entering, we were immediately faced with the expansive menu and a difficult decision, the glass display case was brimming with delectable looking pastries. I really wanted to try the pumpkin roll but went with the breakfast croissant, bacon and a chai latte. Chris got stuffed French toast and bacon. We ordered at the counter and seated ourselves at one of the many blue checked tables.

The wait wasn’t long. Everything was delicious! My croissant sandwich was buttery and perfectly flaky. The bacon was cooked to perfection. It wasn’t too hard or soft. I rarely finish my food but I ate almost all of it. The chai latte was good. I added some sugar and sipped on my drink for the remainder of the morning. Chris’s French toast was some of the best I’ve ever had and I say that as someone who makes it my business to try all the food. The cream cheese, though! I could eat a bowl of that by itself. I did pour a little maple syrup on top. Chris didn’t even bother with the syrup.

YTC Takeaway

We really enjoyed our meal. The line to get in was steady and spilled out the door into the foyer at times. I can see why the locals love it. We highly recommend visiting this spot if you are ever in the vicinity. For a carb lover like myself, this eatery is a must. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

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