Sopapilla’s (Franklin, TN)

On our annual Thanksmas (Thanksgiving + Christmas) trek to Indiana and Illinois, we decided to check out Franklin, Tennessee. According to Chris’s research, the downtown was worth visiting. After striking out on the AirBnB front, he booked the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs. We have had good experiences with AirBnB’s in the past but the fees have grown exponentially so we have been opting for hotels lately. The hotel was hosting a ritzy Christmas party so the lobby was hopping with strains of Gangnam Style but the inviting marble fireplace was worth hanging out beside while watching Sunday Night Football. Our first order of business was to find some food. After browsing through Eater and Trip Advisor, we settled on Sopapilla’s. It’s located in an upscale shopping area. The rainy night meant a quick dash inside so there wasn’t a ton of time to take in the impressive Christmas light display outside on the patio. (Ain’t nobody got time for wet hair!) #blackgirlproblems

The Setting

I appreciated the overall aesthetic (exposed brick, dim lighting and dark gray walls punctuated by stark white Christmas trees with minimal ornaments). The uplighting on the cactus in the entry was a nice touch. The vibe was urban upscale. We were seated immediately.

The Main Event

The chips were freshly made, sturdy and nongreasy. The salsa had a little kick for table salsa. I did hear someone at a neighboring table request a milder sauce so it wasn’t just me. It was tasty though. I can’t handle overly spicy food. We opted for the dip sampler (guacamoles, white queso and bean dip). The guacamole had just the right amount of pico de gallo and cilantro. The bean drip had a little heat but was still tasty. The trio was a good idea. I was almost completely full from the appetizer. I don’t know I always do that with Mexican food.

We decided to split the fajitas for two. They didn’t ask about our tortilla preference, corn or flour, but they brought flour so it was all good. The billowing smoke from the tortilla skillet revealed one of the best steak fajitas entrees we have ever had. That includes our local favorite, LaParilla. They also get an A for presentation. The accompanying fluffy rice and guacamole were solid.

The only negative was the sweet tea. Y’all know I come from a long line of sweet tea connoisseurs. There was barely any ice and it wasn’t sweet enough.

YTC Takeaway

Sopapilla’s was an excellent choice. We enjoyed touring Franklin, Tennessee. If you are ever in the area, check it out!


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