This relatively new seafood eatery is located beside the flagship Rick Erwin‘s on Main Street in downtown Greenville. We picked this trendy spot to celebrate our eighth anniversary. They have free valet parking which is clutch, especially downtown on a Friday night. 

I liked the overall modern aesthetic and interior design but it is fairly loud so don’t come here for a deep talk about your relationship unless you get one of the booths along the back wall. Chris made reservations which I highly recommend if you plan to eat. It’s a popular spot!

The Main Event

There was no complimentary bread so we selected an order of house Bread with Ocean Butter (i.e. their sea salt) and the Seafood Ceviche (shrimp, sea bass, tuna, cherry tomato, cilantro, mango, watermelon radish, micro greens, tortilla chips) as our appetizers. We were living large since it was our anniversary and one of our nicer meals for the year. #yolo The bread with the butter was surprisingly good. It was pre-sliced and appropriately crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. (I do love bread.) There’s something about that sea salt and butter combo. I might try this recipe at home. The ceviche was perfectly tart, colorful and flavorful. It was accompanied by warm, housemade, blue tortilla chips. We inhaled pretty much all of the ceviche. 

I was already getting full by this point which is par for the course. At least, I’m consistent. 

Chris went with the Grilled Swordfish and I decided to go with the Coulotte Steak (grilled, sliced, garlic confit mashed potatoes, asparagus, sauce au poivre).  I usually go pretty basic when I’m trying a place for the first time. I hate to spend good money on bad (i.e. disappointing) food. There was a Thai dish that sounded interesting but I played it safe. My steak was decent but not something to write home about to my mom. The mashed potatoes were excellent. The accompanying asparagus was also good.

Chris’s grill swordfish had immaculate grill lines, was good quality and non-fishy (in the best possible way). 

Since it was our anniversary we opted to get dessert. We had to try all the things because you never know if there will be a second visit. We went with an English toffee pudding that was more of a bread type dessert. Our waiter, who did an excellent job and was very attentive, made the dessert sound great. The concept was there but the execution was lacking. There was a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top but the bread portion was fairly dry. The center had a good deal of butter and melted ice cream dripping into it so was quite good but the outside edges were a little dry for our taste. I have a strong aversion to dry cake (It’s genetic). 

YTC Takeaway

Overall, we had a good experience which is half of the goal on a #foodie excursion. I would go here again and try the same appetizers but different entrées. On to the next plate!

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