Mr. Crisp

This is another fairly new spot in the Overbrook area of #yeahTHATgreenville.

The outside gives converted garage vibes. The minimalist theme is visible throughout. Rattan basket lighting gave the cavernous space a bit of warmth.

Even without reservations, we were able to be seated fairly quickly on a Friday night. I’d recommend reservations to be safe, though.

Apparently, a certain type of person comes here. Most women were doing the coastal, upscale grandmother deal or resort wear. Pretty much every guy had one of those $90 polos, short shorts and some sort of slip-on sailing shoe. I’ll make an effort if we go back. I had just thrown on chambray Bermudas and a sleeveless shirt. I almost went home and changed clothes (lol).

The Main Event

They didn’t have sweet tea which should’ve been a sign. I decided to order an interesting peach flavored soda that sounded good. Apparently, it was $4 a cup and I had two cups. That was my first mistake.

We decided to get an order of the hush puppies for our appetizer. They were good but more cornmeal than savory. The hush puppies reminded me more of cast iron cornbread than anything. The honey butter dipping sauce was a unique addition.

Chris decided to get a plate of the peel and eat shrimp with cocktail sauce. I got the fish and chips. His peel and eat shrimp were very fresh. The cocktail sauce was flavorful but not as spicy as some I’ve had in the past. I actually would’ve liked it to have a little bit more of a kick.

My fish was perfectly battered. The portion size was more than I can eat in a single sitting. The consistency of the fish seemed almost sponge-like. It’s kind of hard to explain but it didn’t flake like I expected it to. I’m kind of a texture person so this threw me off.

The fries were thicker than most and dusted with sea salt. They were excellent! Chris and I made quick work of them. There was also a tiny serving of chilled, mashed peas with a strong hint of mint. That was different. I guess they wanted to cleanse the palette?

I almost got the toffee cake dessert since everyone else was ordering it but, by that point, we were fairly full. Plus, we hadn’t been particularly impressed with most of the items we had already tried so we decided to forgo that dish.

YTC Takeaway

I should have known better than a hipster seafood joint. It’s like hipster barbeque places. The vibe is cool but the food is lackluster. We have no great urgency to go here again. I’m a true Southerner so give me a hole in the wall any day over good aesthetics.

They did have very good service which is hard to find post-pandemic. If you plan to try this place out, check the hours before you go. On to the next experience!

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