Social Burger

We are trying to knock new spots in town (#yeahTHATGreenville) off of our list. Social Burger is a walk-up hamburger concept in the new Camperdown development in downtown Greenville. The prices seemed reasonable. I’m always game to try a new burger!

The Main Event

We went right when it opened so there was no line. Chris ordered the Social Burger with Bacon (hamburger patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Social Burger sauce). I opted for the Fried Chicken Sandwich (fried chicken, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Social Burger sauce).

Fries are ordered à la cart which is good to keep in mind. I got sweet tea and there were free refills.

We found a shady spot, took photos of the spread and started sampling our entrees. We were both disappointed. Apparently, the burgers don’t come with onions which should have been a red flag.

Those sandwiches looked like they would be good but there was a distinct lack of seasoning and flavor. It was just condiments and meat. The Social sauce appeared to be a less flavorful version of Zaxby’s sauce and the flavor profile didn’t come through at all. The fries were basically undercooked (i.e. sad and droopy) McDonald’s fries.

Even the packs of ketchup mustard and mayonnaise were not traditional Heinz but some kind of fair trade certified paste.

The tea wasn’t good either. It needed a serious infusion of sugar. They said it was made on the premises. I actually switched to Sprite figuring it would be an improvement and even it tasted like carbonated water.

It was all very disappointing.  

YTC Takeaway

They were getting plenty of business and the concept was cute. The branding was on point.

We would not waste money on this place again. If you’re going to get a burger downtown, go to Grill Marks.

This eatery may end up being popular with tourists who don’t know any better but I don’t see it becoming a local favorite. On to the next experience!

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